Sunday, May 08, 2005

Twelfth Night

In English we were given yet another assignement that is wierd, but probably has a point to it, because yesterday I realised that there is a method to people's madness. The assignment is to act out and memorize a part of Shakespeares ironic and not especailly funny comedy entitield Twelfth Night. Our group is responsible for Act 4, Scene 1. I play the clown. Here are my lines:

Clown Will you make me believe that I am not sent for you?

Well held out, i' faith! No, I do not know you; nor I am not sent to you by my lady
to bid you come speak with her; nor your name is not Master Cesario;
nor this is not my nose neither. Nothing that is so is so.

Vent my folly! he has heard that word of some great man and now applies it to a fool.
Vent my folly! I am afraid this great lubber, the world,will prove a cockney.
I prithee now, ungird thy strangeness and tell me what I shall vent to my
lady: shall I vent to her that thou art coming?

By my troth, thou hast an open hand. These wise men that give fools money
get themselves a good report--after fourteen years' purchase.

his will I tell my lady straight: I would not be in some of your coats for two pence.
And technically, I'm supposed to memorise that too. Shouldn't be too hard, but nevertheless I'm way too lazy to do this.


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