Monday, September 05, 2005

Long Weekend Recap

Well, what a fun weekend it was. I went to Hyatt Glenn Haven Resort/Camping place-thing with my dad, and a bunch of other people. On the way we got a little lost, and had to ask for directions multiple times, but that's ok. When we got there I swam on a little boat for a while, then went fishing. With my complete lack of fishing experience catching 2 fish isn't so bad. Throwing them out, which equalled to destroying the evidence was hard.

Anyways, after fishing, on a platform out in the lake, we had to get off. The boat was far, so I had to swim to shore in my underpants, which was awkward. Oh well, I could use some swimming. Then I learned to play reversi and some other game, and we made some BBQ, which was awesome. There were so many stars in the sky, it was scary. Some losers were having a party, and listening to crappy music, but the fireworks were cool.

I slept on a couch, but in a sleeping bag which was somewhat of a compromise between camping and not. In the morning I was the first one to wake up. We had some breakfast, took some pictures, and left home. The drive took about 3 hours, so it wasn't bad. On the way back we went to out family friends house (the ones that were with us) and made some more BBQ and did some more stuff. Oh yeah! At Hyatt I got to drink Grogg, which is hot wine with sugar, it's really cool.

Ok, that was about it, but Hyatt Glenn Haven in Arlen was really cool for some Canadian Almost-Camping.


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