Saturday, September 10, 2005

School's In

Ok, school started again, and even though that kind of sucks, it's really not THAT bad. My teachers turned out to be fine, so it's not so bad. I got some homework, but whatever. I got history in french, as well as drama in french, but it really isn't that hard, at least yet. Of course, to do homework I need to use a translator, but who doesn't. Except for french people I mean. My math teacher has some language problems, but in Canada that's so common that I'm actually not surprised. It doesn't make math hard to understand. In fact math is a universal language. It's right up there with science and love. Right now I am reading a book called the Full Cupboard of Life by Alexander McCall Smith. It's a book about a detective agency in Botswana, and is pretty interesiting. It's not really HAHA funny, but it sometimes ironic and funny in a kind, traditional way.

The iPod NANO came out. It is possibly the greatest MP3 player ever, but it is really too bad that it doesn't play wma files, so no iPod for me. I will just wait until the sony hdd plyer with the seamless screens come out. Anyways, I gotta go do something. Later.


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