Saturday, November 19, 2005

Barber's Hell

Uncle Boris' List of 10 Ways To See When You Need a Haircut

(Based loosely on my own observations before I finally got a haircut. I was getting pretty hairy.)
  1. Your hair curls in and pokes your eyes
  2. You can't see people's heads because your hair block your eyes
  3. It takes you more time to dry your hair than your mom
  4. Girls start you wish they had the same haircut as you
  5. Your cat gets hairballs. YOUR HAIRballs
  6. Your bad hair days scare little children
  7. Your drain gets hair clogs any time you take a shower
  8. Your head feels heavy because of all that hair dragging it down
  9. Your hair gets caught in ceiling lamps
  10. Your hairdryer breaks

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