Sunday, November 13, 2005

Biker's Hell

Uncle Boris' List of 10.5 Cool and Original Tattoos:

  1. little feathers on the shoulder blades, to show growing wings
  2. a knife in the back, to show backstabbing
  3. a black hole where the heart is or a black heart
  4. an angel on the left shoulder, and a devil on the right shoulder
  5. a permanent tan
  6. a soul coming out of a persons chest
  7. a lake surface on the chest, showing a reflection of the persons face, but with a different expression
  8. a lightning strike on the chest
  9. a mugshot prison number on the chest
9.5. a second pair of eyes, on your eyelids
10. a stunami wave over the back, washing over the shouldres
10.5. tattood on x-ray


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