Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Half 'a Work Of Friction

No, fiction, sorry. It's half work, half fiction, or to be more exact half real, half made up. Here you go.


Ok, it's 6:30 and I just woke up to a rainy, windy Wednesday morning. Ohhh, screw that. Ohhh, I got weight training. Ohhh crap. Ohhh kay then, I'm getting up. Gonna take the bus today. Ok, so I eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and whatnot, I get on the bus. Weather sucks. And blows. At the same time. It really is quite windy out there. Time to request a stop. Ok, I get out of the bus now. What do I see? Well, I don't see my stop, and now I don't see the bus. And now I walk. To school, in the rain. "Well this isn't so bad", I think. "It's not raining THAT hard, and the school is really close now". A second later I get seriously rooster-tailed by a silver Chevy Malibu,

AGNB 582

Yeah, I memorized it. I'm gonna hunt that bastard down and break his nose.


He sprayed me REAAAL good, like in a movie. I see the light up ahead, and it's white, and if I don't get there now, I will have to wait like another 5 minutes, and I run. Through the puddles, in the rain, with no umbrella. Happy happy, joy joy.

I get to the school, to the first door I see.


The door is locked. I am piiiiiised. I get to the next door, it's open. Ok. I get to the gym. It's closed. I am really piiiiiised.


Ok, I get upstairs, and open my bag, start taking things out. Are they wet? No, not really. Is my bag? It's dripping... I am oh so piiiiiiiised. My sweater is wet, my jeans are wet, my shoes are wet, my pencil case is kind of wet and I am piiiiiiiiiiised. And you know what? I have one thing in my bag that is completely dry. Wanna know what it is? It's an umbrella. I had an umbrella this entire time. Well, don't that just take the biscuit. Funny ol' thing, life. I am really really PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISED.



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