Friday, November 04, 2005

A Symphony In Two Parts

Part One: Picasa 2 is awesome. Everyone go get Picasa 2 (Image organizer and editor by Google, so you know it's good, and I just told you it is)

Part Two:

So I'm at this guy's (let's call him J) house, and some of my friends (M and A) are there too. Apparently M just got a Nokia something-something from Fido. Cool. G(me) and M (A as well) have to leave now. M needs to use the little gamers room. G want to annoy M. When M is busy G knocks on the door. WTF OMG BBQ says M. What do you want? Knock Knock says I ( aka G). You're on crack says M. Ring Ring says M. Wtf? says G. Hello? Oh hi, says M quietly. G is confused. M is sightly irritated, but continues talking to someone (his weiner?). G is on the floor laughing. M's mom called M at the most awkward moment. G is almost dead from laughter. Flush says M. J comes. J is now laughing too. Instant classic. G goes in to use the little gamers room. Room stinks, G is upset. M is too. Everyone laughes at M. M goes ROAR what is this. G J (A left) are laughing. Another funny day at J's house.



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