Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Could I BE Any More Russian?

Ok, kids back from the holocaust museum. The movie was tame compared to the one we saw in class, since it was just a slideshow, but our guide was a 77 year old survivor, and she has a voice-amplifying gizmo. That was cool. On the way there I made everyone laugh by trying to stick my transfer into the ticket box on the bus. Um, when some of my friends were trying to test my knowledge of French, and asked my about my hair, I said I like my horses instead of my hair. What else happened.. We saw a whole wall tiled with the names of people who died during the holocaust.. And some other stuff..Alon's car broke down on the way, he was almost late..YEAH

Ok, a small challenge (with prize)

Each word in a song verse was replaced with it's exact opposite.
What is the song?(Everyone knows it)

You hate small heads, but I can tell the truth
Me these sister can confirm
Why the guy walks out without a huge giant.... so on

First to send me an e-mail with an answer wins a small smarties box.


Blogger Loca said...

haha gosha ur da best
yes i get 2 win the prize!!!
the song is called baby got back by sir mix alot
yes u n ur transfer on the bus HAHA
you need to become more PUBLIC
the trip was nice
anyway c ya 2moroooooo

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 8:53:00 PM  

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