Thursday, December 15, 2005


Isn't that the funnies word ever? Yes it is! I had one fun bus ride back home together, with Erica and Peter the pyromaniac(among other things). Peter taught me how to bus surf, which was awesome and...yeah! It was funny. I was told great storied of being a jackass and holding up a whole bus, just for the fun of it, ah it was great. I feel really bad for the guy who sat in the middle, I think he was kinda scared. Here is something I want to share with you. Some of you might have seen the new PSP commerical, where there a pancil-drawn PSP with an actual screen, and two pencil-drawn squirrels on the screen talking. Here is the basic direction of their conversation:

2:Those graphics got as much flavah as a pistachio!
1:Look at mah mad skillz!
2:You have about as much skillz as a CHIPMUNK!
1:Yo momma's a chipmunk!
(basketball game comes up on the PSP)
2:Ohh no! He got rejected, just like you get rejected by the ladies!
(racing game comes up)
1:If I had a ride like that, the ladies would stick to me like the shell to a peanut!
2:Hellz yeah!
1:HEllz yyeah!
Announcer: PSP. hellz yeah



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